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Facial Contouring

Key benefits:

Procedure details:

– Masseter Botox

  • Botox injections injected into the jaw muscles (masseter) to slim them down
  • 10 min procedure, no downtime – mild swelling for around 2 days, 2 weeks to see results

– Angle Reduction

  • Angle of the jaw bone is shaved through incisions in the mouth (no external scars)
  • 3 hour procedure, 2 weeks downtime, 3 months to appreciate the final results


The problem of square jaw can be corrected by surgery on the bone, through an incision within the mouth so that there are no external scars.

Recovery Time: 2 weeks

However, if the cause of the square jaw is due to a thick underlying masseter (bite) muscle, Botox will be able to correct this problem without the need for surgery.

*Results may vary according to individuals.

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