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Simple Rhinoplasty

In Simple Rhinoplasty, L-shaped silicone implants are used. These come in various dimensions, and the surgeon will choose the most suitable implant for each individual.

Simple Rhinoplasty is suitable for one who already has a relatively pleasant looking nose tip but desires a higher bridge. It is also able to provide a reasonable amount of improvement to the nose tip. However, patients seeking simple rhinoplasty must not have thin skin at the nose tip. This is because a silicone implant extends to the tip of the nose and it requires sufficient skin coverage for safety reasons.


For certain types of nose, cartilage taken from the ear would be used for the tip of the nose to achieve a better result. This extra procedure leaves only a small and inconspicuous scar over the back of the ear with no residual deformity.

*Results may vary according to individuals.
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