Harmony Skin Program

The Harmony Skin Program is designed to battle skin redness, broken capillaries, inflamed zits and irritated skin efficiently while delivering maximal skin rejuvenating benefits. It further tones up weakened collagen, beefing up skin health to withstand future environmental stress.

It promotes a toned and supple skin while adding a luminous radiance to the complexion. Bonus: Thanks to its complexion regulating properties, this luxe beauty fix also sets up the skin to reap the most benefits from other beauty products and restores the skin innate hydro-balance.

Program Price:


Program Treatments:

6 sessions Vbeam Perfecta + 3 sessions Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing + 6-time Balancing Facial Wraps + 3 sessions Plasma C Boost + 3-time Oxy Shot Mask

Program Details:

[+] Vbeam Perfecta [+] Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing [+] Plasma C Boost [+] Oxy Shot

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