Youth Illuminage Program

When that invite for your 93 class reunion arrives by post don’t sigh and take a rain check. Give in to the lure of meeting your counterparts with this advanced “age-antagonistic” program (which, in layman’s terms, means it visibly lifts and tightens sagging faces, jowls, brows etc).

Combines FDA approved Ulthera™ for intense facial lifting with another youth-enhancing “clear favourite” – Light Lift treatment. Tighter, smoother and more lifted skin is within your grasp without breaking a sweat. The program of choice for “mysteriously” youthful celebs who never seem to age.

Program Price:

Full face SGD$6955 | Full face + jaw/upper neck SGD$9416

Program Treatments:

1 session Ulthera + 2 sessions Sygma Lift + 2 sessions Light Lift + 3-time Gold Gel Mask

Program Details:

[+] Ulthera [+] Light Lift [+] Sygma Lift

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