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Take years off with Threadlifts, a surgery-free facelift


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Are you noticing more wrinkles on your face and a face that appears saggier? Many might think the only solution to treating such concerns is with a facelift but let’s face it, a facelift isn’t for everyone. There are many who would prefer to take a non-surgical route if possible to minimise downtime and pain.

Threadlifts have been gaining popularity as a life changing treatment for those seeking to lift and tighten skin, taking years off one’s face.

Take years off with Threadlifts, a surgery-free facelift

How do threadlifts work?

Threadlifts use dissolvable thread, the same material as surgical sutures, to lift and rejuvenate the skin. The procedure requires the doctor to thread the sutures through the skin to create a lifting and tightening effect.

While the sutures give an instantaneous lift, over time the sutures will dissolve and stimulate collage production too. This allows threadlifts to provide antiaging results that look natural and without the need for surgery.

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What types of threads are available?

Thanks to the barbs on Barbed PDO threads, these provide the most lift to you skin as the threads can gather more skin for lifting. These are ideal for anyone looking to improve the appearance of their sagging cheeks and jowls.

Non-barbed PDO threads are also available and these are ideal for improving wrinkles and adding volume to your skin.

Last but not least, there’s Silhouette Instalift, an excellent option for improving contours in your mid-face and uses small cones on the thread to hook the deeper layers of skin tissue.

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Advantages of a threadlift

With threadlifts, there is none to little downtime. Some may experience slight swelling or soreness but this does not affect your everyday tasks. Most do return to work after the procedure.

And did we mention there are no knives involved? The treatment is surgery free and takes advantage of your skin’s natural healing process to produce more collagen.

Threadlifts complement other aesthetic treatments such as fillers and botox to help you achieve a full skin rejuvenation.

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