Bodysculpting Decoded

Body Sculpting Decoded



Non-Invasive body contouring has come a long way since the old days of using carbon dioxide gas and fat-dissolving solvents to melt away fat cells. Remember carboxytherapy and mesotherapy? Today, body contouring has evolved to involve high-tech platforms which utilizes non-invasive technology ranging from cold, to radiofrequency and acoustic waves to blast fat cells away.

Sieving through the different body contouring treatments can be mind-boggling for the uninitiated, hence we give you a helping hand to decipher which treatments would suit you best. In a nutshell, what most women (or men) want is a treatment that can blast away as much fat cells as possible but with minimal downtime and discomfort, while requiring the least number of sessions. Is that too much to ask? Apparently not.

Freezing Fat Cells Away :  CoolSculpting by Zeltiq

CoolSculpting has taken the world by storm as it is the first time cold energy is used to shape the body. The fat cells, after being chilled to near freezing temperatures, undergo natural cell death or apoptosis, and are cleared by the body’s natural metabolic processes. This innovative body sculpting treatment destroys 20-25% of the fat cells in the treated area in a single 60 min session – meaning results can be seen after every session. Now, we know why this uber-“cool” body slimming treatment is a hot favorite with A-listers worldwide.

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Firming up Skin to Complete the Job

Other than unsightly bulges, sagging skin secondary to childbirth or aging and cellulite are the two other problems standing between you and your bikini. Fortunately, these problems can be treated by heating up the skin – via radiofrequency waves with Thermage, to stimulate collagen production, essential for tightening and rejuvenating skin. This lunchtime skin lifting treatment is FDA approved for both skin tightening and treating cellulite, allowing you to kill 2 birds with 1 stone in a single treatment.

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Combination Treatments for Synergistic Effects

For every individual, different treatments may prove more suitable depending on the area targeted and other requirements.  CoolSculpt may be better suited to contour large areas while UltraShape can sculpt defined regions. Thermage finishes up the job by tightening overlying sagging skin to ensure your body looks velvety smooth and taut. The beauty of different technologies is how they all come together synergistically. Capitalizing on this synergy, the CoolShape program is specifically designed to produce the best body contouring results.

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No body contouring program will succeed without a sensible diet and suitable exercise program. The Sloane Diet is designed to complement your treatments and lifestyle via customized diet plans, natural supplements and exercise regimes. Visit for more information on The Sloane Diet.

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