Knowing your body type can help you shed unwanted pounds

Like it or not, we are all predisposed to a particular body type that is determined by our genetic makeup and the hormones that we produce during puberty. And it’s likely that we fall into one of [...]

How to Lift Your Butt in 14 Days

All the fitness junkies out there will know not to skip leg day, but an understated part of the body that is hard to target is the butt. Most of us care about how our butt looks, so here’s a [...]

2019’s best body sculpting treatments that work

Sure, non-invasive aesthetic treatments have come a long way and have become more accessible to us mere mortals but this isn’t just limited to beauty procedures for the face. Body treatments to [...]

Getting Your Body Back to Normal After Childbirth

You’ve already given birth to your lovely child, but for some reason, your body still isn’t back to normal. It’s normal to be worried about this, but you should always remember that your [...]

Who knew weight gain would be a side effect of menopause.

It comes as no surprise that the older you get, the harder it gets to maintain your usual weight. In fact, it’s not a myth that many women do gain weight around the menopause transition. But it [...]

I looked better after giving birth. Here’s how.

Saggy boobs. Stretched marks. Hair loss. Acne. I’m sure you’ve heard how your body will be forever ruined after pregnancy. But this isn’t always true. There are (real) women who do end up looking [...]

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