What you need to know about a non-surgical nose job

In this day and age, no longer is plastic surgery considered taboo. In fact, plastic surgery is growing in popularity each year, with almost two million surgical procedures taking place in the [...]

How to cleanse your body right?

There comes a time where you will feel sluggish or fatigued from the activities of your daily life. This is when your body is giving you hints of when you are overeating or overindulging in foods [...]

5 Ways You’re Unknowingly Making Your Skin Age Faster

There are many reasons why our skin ages a certain way. As we age, changes in our skin manifest in its laxity, plumpness, texture and pigment. While genetics play a small role in how our skin may [...]

Beauty Tailored for your Face Shape

What does your face shape say about YOU? Expert says it reveals your personality with diamonds being ‘in control’ like Taylor Swift while ovals are overachievers like Beyonce.  [...]

5 Signs your Face looks Fake

Look at the transformation of Joan Rivers or Donatella Versace and you will realise that there’s some truth to plastic surgery being addictive. While we can all benefit from some beauty [...]

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