The Lowdown On Cleanse and Detox

The body cleanse or detox has gained much popularity in recent years. A number of people detox for the purpose of weight management. Even as we adopt healthy diets and start to lose body fat, the [...]

5 Expert-Approved Treatments for Thicker, Healthier Hair

We hit up the experts to learn how to make your healthy-hair fantasies a reality, regardless of how many follicles you were born with. Read on to find out why you could be losing hair and how [...]

Invasion of the K-Pop Beauty Knee Beauty Revolution

We have seen necks then backs climbing the ranks as the next erotic spot for women, but we thought we would never see the day when knees would join them as the next erogenous zone. From Hollywood [...]

It’s time to get sexy (lips)

“Lips are the most sensual organ we are allowed to expose – Anonymous” In a study conducted from Manchester University, scientists have found that men are drawn to a woman’s lips more than other [...]

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