Double Chins Suck (And That’s Exactly What We’ll Do For You)

Don’t we all love a good selfie? With the right app and filter, you can even make your face angular, iron out a double chin and look just the way you would like to.  But then again, life isn’t [...]

Choosing Between Botox and Fillers

Botox and Fillers are both used for anti-aging purposes, and plenty of people assume that they are they same thing, and serve the same functions. However, the truth is that Botox and Fillers are [...]

Top 5 ways to get your butt into the best shape of its life

As with any other parts of your body, a toned and sculpted butt will make you look and feel good. In order to get one, it’s not enough to just work on the muscles on your butt. You also need to [...]

Get a nose job without going under the knife

Nose jobs. They are a hit nowadays, especially among women. But is going under the knife truly beneficial? Rhinoplasty, a common surgery that women go through for tip projection may actually [...]

Fillers VS Fat: Is there a difference?

Lets just admit it, we’re all getting older day by day. Maybe we don’t realise it immediately, it all starts out as a small fine line, perhaps somewhere unnoticeable in the corner of our eyes or [...]


As we get on in years, our various signs of aging get more pronounced and prominent with time, especially the ones that bear a bit of discolouration – like dark eye circles. Contrary to popular [...]