5 ways to rejuvenate your scalp for thicker hair

Not all of us are as lucky as Baby Chanco to be born with such thick, gorgeous hair. For the rest of us looking to jumpstart our hair growth process, perhaps these products and treatments are [...]

Top 3 tips for longer hair

If you’re like me and desire balayage hair, a hair colouring technique that creates a soft natural, wavy look, then you’d fully understand my impatience at the rate my hair is growing out of a [...]

Hair Today, More Tomorrow

Did you know that it is normal for the body to shed between 50 to 100 hairs a day? Yes, you read It right. It usually happens while showering or when we brush our hair. However, it is a normal [...]

Male Pattern Hair Loss: The 7 Important Things to Know

Have you seen men with that typical ‘M’ shape of hair on their head? Or have you seen men with only the middle of their heads bald? Well, you’ve seen Male Pattern Hair Loss (MPHL), a hair loss [...]

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