Why Treat Something When You Can Tweak It?

Everytime we have a form of ailment like a cough or fever, we go to the doctor to see treatment to alleviate our condition. The fact that we already need treatment actually mean the damage has [...]

Getting Your Body Back to Normal After Childbirth

You’ve already given birth to your lovely child, but for some reason, your body still isn’t back to normal. It’s normal to be worried about this, but you should always remember that your [...]

7 easy steps for a smaller waist

It’s not something you’d notice all the time but it seems overnight your belly is not as taut, firm and tiny as it once was. It might even appear misshapen, lumpy, and not very attractive. Before [...]

Who knew weight gain would be a side effect of menopause.

It comes as no surprise that the older you get, the harder it gets to maintain your usual weight. In fact, it’s not a myth that many women do gain weight around the menopause transition. But it [...]

Detox: How to Cleanse your body right

Living in the 21st century, despite the modernity and advancements it has provided, we have become exposed to an increasing number of chemicals in our food supply, the air we breathe, and even [...]

Is there a cure for cellulite?

Cellulite – the dimply bane of our lives. One day the back of your thighs look firm and smooth, and suddenly those dimples creep up on you and make themselves a little too comfortable and homely [...]

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