Everything you need to know about SygmaLift HIFU

Are you after a painless and non-surgical facelift? Look no further than SygmaLift HIFU, a unique antiaging treatment that uses a patented 2nd generation High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) [...]

Everything you need to know about Ultherapy

When we think of facelifts, we think of visiting the plastic surgeon, going under the knife and literally having your face (or skin on the face) pulled back to give a more lifted appearance. This [...]

Threadlifts: The Lowdown

1. Does it hurt? For most people, it barely hurts. Before the procedure, your doctor or nurse will apply numbing cream to your face, and will also inject local anaesthetic. Resultantly, your skin [...]

The New Liquid Facelift

From scalpels to threads, we have heard of their efficacy in lifting droopiness and jowls on our faces, all in the hopes of slowing down the signs of aging. Everyone says age is just a number and [...]