The Laser Lift

The skincare market is full of different ways to lift sagging skin on one’s face. From creams and serums to bizarre skincare hacks, we’ve seen it all. But do these treatments actually work? The [...]

The latest trends for non-surgical facelifts

I want to look old, said no one ever. In this era of selfies and Instagrams where showing the best versions of ourselves have become the social norm, we are made to feel more than ever that aging [...]

Top 3 laser lifts for amazing skin

Laser treatments have been gaining popularity in recent years as the go to treatment for any skincare ailments. Pigmentation, wrinkles and acne can all be treated relatively easily with the [...]

Supercharged Lasers Now Exists

If 2017 was the year of resurfacing lasers, 2018 is destined to be all about multi-tasking lasers. Gone are the days when women visit their derm’s office to treat a single problem, nowadays it is [...]