Take years off with Threadlifts, a surgery-free facelift

Are you noticing more wrinkles on your face and a face that appears saggier? Many might think the only solution to treating such concerns is with a facelift but let’s face it, a facelift isn’t [...]

All you need to know about facial thread lifts: Are they for you?

It wasn’t until recently that the only way to treat facial skin laxity (think jowls and drooping cheeks) was with a facelift surgery. While it’s true there are many laser treatments available to [...]

Threadlifts: The Lowdown

1. Does it hurt? For most people, it barely hurts. Before the procedure, your doctor or nurse will apply numbing cream to your face, and will also inject local anaesthetic. Resultantly, your skin [...]

What’s Facial Thread Lifts All About?

Want to curb the aging signs appearing on your face without the hassle of going through a surgery? We’ve got you covered! Facial thread lifts are rising in popularity in the recent years due to [...]

Happy New Year. Happy New You.

“Out with the old, in with the new”. With the start of the new year, it’s not uncommon to make new year resolutions, in hopes of bettering one’s own life or self. But don’t we all agree they can [...]

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