Have You Tried 2020’s Most Popular Skin Treatments Yet?

When it comes to cosmetic treatments, it’s a minefield out there. Advancements in medical beauty treatments have opened up options like never before – we can all look younger, better and [...]

#Vampirefacials: facials that suck the life out of you

A couple years back, reality TV star Kim Kardashian Instagram-ed a selfie, with blood all over her face. She hash-tagged the photo “#VampireFacial”, while promoting her family’s reality show [...]

The latest trends for non-surgical facelifts

I want to look old, said no one ever. In this era of selfies and Instagrams where showing the best versions of ourselves have become the social norm, we are made to feel more than ever that aging [...]

Top 3 laser lifts for amazing skin

Laser treatments have been gaining popularity in recent years as the go to treatment for any skincare ailments. Pigmentation, wrinkles and acne can all be treated relatively easily with the [...]

Trending now: The treatment that makes your skin younger

If aesthetic doctors wore capes instead of coats, you might just mistake them for superheroes, rescuing your skin from age related distresses and beauty emergencies. Their superpower lies in [...]

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