Is a facelift de rigeur by the time I hit 50?

Edging closer to 40, I must confess I have started to look at my face in a whole new light. What I’d taken for granted in my younger days, I’m starting to wish I had paid more attention to. It [...]

Dispelling the Myth of “the higher the SPF, the better the sunscreen”

It is a cardinal rule to wear SPF, to ambitiously include it in your beauty skincare routine. Skin experts and dermatologists live by this rule. However, there is more than meets the eye with [...]

Don’t be a statistic – Age as well as (and even better than) a man

It’s one of life’s injustices. Men seem to ease into every birthday, looking better with age, while women wage a never-ending war against the aging process. Is this merely societal [...]

5 Ways You’re Unknowingly Making Your Skin Age Faster

There are many reasons why our skin ages a certain way. As we age, changes in our skin manifest in its laxity, plumpness, texture and pigment. While genetics play a small role in how our skin may [...]

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