Lucent Dermal Program

Want a complete overhaul of your skin? Want a smoother, more Lucent complexion in 5 easy treatments? Our lucent dermal program is the ultimate protocol for dramatic improvement in all aspects of the skin including scars, pigmentation, fine lines and skin texture.

Includes the revolutionary Fraxel Dual treatment + LED Red & Plasma C Boost for skin healing + Whitening facial wraps.

The end result? Lucent Dermal. Excellent for patients who are looking to dramatically improve their skin quality as well as to reverse signs of aging!

Program Price:


Program Treatments:

6 sessions Fraxel Dual, 12-times LED Red Photomodulation therapy, 6-time Plasma C Boost, 12-time facial wraps

Program Details:

[+] Fraxel Dual [+] LED Red [+] Plasma C Boost

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