Full Bloom Program

Motherhood is one of the greatest experiences in life, but mothers and mothers-to-be know that picture-perfect skin is not always a given. Pregnancy can leave your skin looking dull and lacklustre. SW1’s Full Bloom Program is a spectacular skin rejuvenating and glow restoring doctor-designed treatment dedicated to helping pregnant and breastfeeding mothers safely and effectively tackle unflattering skin changes.

Watch your tired skin revitalize and brighten instantly without downtime as three skin illuminating treatments form the backbone of this pampering program. IPL Luminous Therapy takes center stage in this program, breathing new colour and life into tired skin, while stimulating collagen, increasing skin elasticity and minimizing pores at the same time. Not forgetting that every mother needs some well-deserved me-time, this program incorporates our popular spa elements Aqua.dermabrasion and Oxy Shot Intensive to complete the skin detox and glow revival experience.

Program Price:


Program Treatments:

6 sessions IPL Luminous Therapy+ 3-time Aqua.dermabrasion+ 3-time Pearl éclat Masks  + 3-time Oxy Shot Intensive + 3-time Water Infusion Mask

Program Details:

[+] IPL [+ ] Aqua.dermabrasion  [+] Oxy Shot

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