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Intimate Renewal program

A woman’s most intimate parts can be her most intricate as well.

The skin that surrounds our vagina can roughen in texture and suffer from discoloration over time.

Factors like sensitivity to sanitary pads and feminine cleansers and loss of skin laxity can really put a dent on your confidence and sex life… because if you don’t look good, you’re just not in the mood to feel good.

The damage dealt to your nether region transcends the aesthetics, and may raise a few health related concerns as we age.

Factors like pregnancy, age or weight gain can cause your pelvic floor to weaken and result in loss of bladder control, loss of sensation during sexual activity and even prostate cancer.

The Intimate Renewal Program ensures not only preservation but enhancement of your inner beauty and wellness, with a sumptuous list of our best feminine rejuvenation treatments like Fraxel Light Skin Renewal and Thulium Whitening lasers. For an all-round prettifying experience, pair it with a side of our hair removal lasers and pelvic-floor strengthening (MMS Pelvic Core) boosters.

It is important to run a tight ship on the inside as much as on the outside, and the Intimate Renewal Program is the ultimate solution to that… and then some.

Program Price:


Program Treatments:

3 sessions Fraxel Light Renewal + 3 sessions Thulium Whitening Laser + 6 sessions Whitening mask

Program Details:

[+] Fraxel Light [+] BB Aquatouch Laser



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