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(High Intensity Intelligent Toning)

A body toning legend in its own right. Regular in-clinic sessions are akin to clocking in a few HIIT sessions. Let your skin bask in the skin firming, cellulite smoothening and fat toning benefits of Onda Body Magic, delivered via patented Coolwaves™ technology. This program is designed for maximal flexibility, as you can choose to sculpt as many different areas at one go! Finish off with a special body toning mud mask, soaking in the dead sea healing benefits while cocooned in warmth. Use to unveil a new you or to maintain your physique in tip top condition.

✓ Onda Body Magic: tones and firms body skin
✓ Body Toning Mud Mask: detoxifies and deeply hydrates parched and leathery-looking skin, restoring suppleness and shine.

Program Price:


Program Treatments:

10 sessions Onda Body Magic + 10-times Body Toning Mud Mask

Program Details:

[+] Onda Body Magic 



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*Results may vary according to individuals.