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Bambi Eye

What sets Bambi Eye Surgery apart from a standard double eyelid surgery? On top of creating a crisp upper eyelid fold, the surgery creates larger and brighter eyes by lifting the eyelids and widening the eye.

The 3-prong Enhancement Technique of Bambi Eye Surgery comprises:

  • Creation of natural looking double eyelids (upper blepharoplasty)
  • Lifting of upper eyelid to create a more rounded and youthful eye (ptosis correction)
  • Widening the eyes by opening up the sides of the eyes (epicanthoplasty)

The Procedure:

The surgery is performed under local anaesthesia and takes around 2 hours.


After the surgery, you will be given soothing eye drops, antibiotics and medication to reduce pain and swelling. Stitches are removed after a week and you may experience swelling for 1-2 weeks. Social downtime is around 1-2 weeks.


The final appearance is appreciated from 3 months after surgery. The surgery creates natural double eyelid creases and wider eyes. Apart from brighter eyes, it gives a fresher, more awake look.


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