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White Hair Labo

Key benefits:

  • Stops and reverses the greying process
  • Stimulates production of hair pigments
  • Does not use any colouring substances

Procedure details:

  • 30-minute procedure
  • Home treatments included

While in recent years having grey hair has risen the fashion ranks, there are still some who prefer to keep their greys away from sight. Besides resorting to colouring your greys, White Hair Labo is a new treatment option that helps to reverse, and even stop the greying process.

Why do we get grey hair?

The main factors that contribute to the hair greying process are a combination of reduced melanogenesis (decrease in melanin synthesis) and bulb oxidative stress. As we age, our hair undergoes a process of physiological greying that typically begins when we are in our 40s but can take place at a different age depending on individual characteristics.

The greying process relates to a decrease in melanin production, caused by

  • a reduced activity of tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for melanin synthesis,
  • a decrease in the total number of melanocytes, which are cells specialized in the production of hair melanin and
  • as shown in recent studies, the decrease in hair follicle melanocyte stem cells, another age-related phenomenon.

The accumulation of oxidative damages within the hair follicles is an important factor that affects the rate of our hair greying process, resulting from the excessive production of free radicals by our body, making it impossible to dispose of them properly. This then causes oxidative stress to accumulate in the hair bulbs, where their presence causes the enzymes involved in melanin synthesis, and the antioxidant enzymes that naturally protect hair from oxidation, to act less efficiently. Free radicals can form to a greater extent due to stress, bad lifestyle, poor diets, and excessive exposure to the sun.

How can White Hair Labo help with greying hair?

White Hair Labo is an in-clinic treatment that stops the formation of grey hairs while stimulating the production of your natural hair pigment. It allows for hair re-pigmentation to occur internally, without using any colouring substances.

The treatment uses an effective mix of 3 active molecules with very low molecular weights and very high penetration index,

  • Labo NPP-23: promotes the natural hair melanogenesis process.
  • Labo SHP-4: (Synthetic Human Stem Cell Factor) a growth factor that plays an important role in hair pigmentation by coordinating the reserve cells in the hair follicle.
  • Labo MLN-20: a biomimetic peptide that helps counteract the greying process by promoting the recovery of one’s natural hair colour.

How long is each session of White Hair Labo?

Each session takes approximately 30 minutes.

What can I expect during the procedure?

This treatment is very comfortable and painless, without any downtime, and you may continue with your daily activities after the treatment.

Who is suitable for White Hair Labo?

White Hair Labo is suitable for both men and women, with a different formulation created for each gender.

Women are more prone to exposing their hair to food deficiencies and oxidative stress such as hair colouring, more frequently than men. Hence the formulation for women has been enriched with a specific molecule, folic acid. Lack of folic acid can affect the hair natural pigmentation, therefore enriching the formulation with folic acid is useful to counteract the greying process in women.

I’m interested in getting White Hair Labo!

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*Results may vary according to individuals.