Soprano ICE Permanent Laser Hair Removal

Unsightly hair is banned! Only silky smooth skin is allowed at our Hair Removal Clinic.

If you have had enough of unsightly stubbles and irksome ingrowns, or have been frustrated at other treatments that do not work, here is the thing for you – permanent laser hair removal.

Soprano ICE is our most complete permanent laser hair removal device available in the market today. Drawing power from 3 different wavelengths, the Soprano ICE harnesses strength from the gold standard 810 nm diode laser and the 755 nm Alexandrite. This allows patients of both fair and dark skin and hair profiles to be safely and effectively treated, putting an end to the bothersome (and sometimes painful) routine of shaving and waxing.

How does Laser Hair Removal work?

Laser hair removal is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedure. The laser focuses light into the hair follicles. The pigment in hair follicles absorb the laser energy, which in turn destroys the hair follicle.

How does the Soprano ICE work?

Super Hair Removal (SHR) – is a hair removal method that is now indispensable in the world’s most advanced hair removal clinics.

SHR is a method of delivering very short pulses deep into the dermis of the skin at a high repetitive rate. This achieves therapeutic heat buildup, which effectively damages hair follicles and prevents re-growth, while sparing normal surrounding skin.

We will glide the applicator repeatedly over the treatment area, ensuring the most optimal coverage, while the patented contact cooling plate cools the skin surface – preventing superficial burns and allowing for virtually pain free, yet highly effective hair removal.

Traditional hair reduction lights and laser treatments such as IPL were faced with significant risks of pain, redness, crusting and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation due to burns. Because of these complications, hair removal treatments were usually limited to fairer skin types.

Soprano ICE addresses this limitation by using a diode laser based on the most effective wavelengths. This moderates the energy absorbed so that darker skin types can be safely treated.

The Soprano ICE is cleared for all Fitzpatrick skin types, I-VI, and can be used on tanned skin.

Diode Laser Alex Technology – a solution for light and dark hair colours

Traditional lasers were unable to adequately target lighter coloured hair. Soprano ICE offers breakthrough hair removal technology using a diode laser based on the Alexandrite wavelength, allowing more efficient energy absorption. This provides the most ideal and realistic solution for a wide range of hair types and colour – especially for those with light coloured and thin hair.

A recent clinical study comparing the Alex 755 nm diode laser to the conventional 755 nm Alexandrite laser demonstrated that the diode Alex laser is just as effective, and in SHRTM mode even safer and less painful than the traditional Alexandrite laser.

The Fastest and Most Effective Hair Removal Laser

Equipped with a large spot size applicator, we are able to quickly treat large areas in half the treatment time compared to traditional lasers.

What is the procedure like?

Because of the contact cooling plate, which makes the procedure virtually painless, topical numbing cream is not usually required. A thin layer of gel is applied to the skin before the treatment begins, to aid the gliding of the laser applicator on skin. The applicator is then placed on the skin and laser light is passed into the skin in gliding motions.

Although the treatment is virtually painless, some heat may be experienced. Patients frequently compare the hair removal treatment process to a warm hotstone massage.

How should I prepare for the treatment?

If possible, hairs should be 1-2mm long when you arrive for your treatment, so that it is possible to mark out the treatment area. Our therapists may trim long hairs just before treatment to ensure all of the laser energy is transmitted to the hair follicle.

Hair epilation should be avoided 4 weeks before treatment.

What will I notice after the treatment?

You may notice that hair strands are still attached to the skin immediately after treatment. This is because the Soprano ICE treatment does not vaporize hairs. Instead, only hair follicles are destroyed, and remaining hair strands will shed over the next few weeks as the top layer of the skin undergoes skin renewal. Before shedding, the skin renewal process pushes hair out of the follicle, and it may appear that hair is growing, when it is actually gradually being shed.

How many treatments do I need?

As only hair in the active growing phase can be treated, the number of treatments will depend on the percentage of hair that is within this phase at the time of the laser treatment. This varies between individuals and also between different areas of the body. Treatment can be repeated every 4-6 weeks or at the advice of your doctor. Soprano Ice Permanent Hair Removal is incorporated into our Removal and Revival Program which also features Quattro Toning and Skin Smoothening Peel Mask for glowing skin as smooth as silk.

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