Pros and Cons Of Having Dermal Fillers In Singapore

Considering dermal fillers in Singapore as an antidote to ageing? You are not alone! Of all the scientific advancements that have happened in the field of aesthetics, Dermal fillers are an [...]

All you need to know about filler injections: are they for you?

Fillers have been around in the aesthetics industry for a long time and in recent years have risen in popularity, thanks or no thanks to the many American reality shows where it seems all the [...]

Too Much Botox – Knowing When to Say Stop!

Secretly wanting to try Botox but the horror stories keeping you away? Of all the treatments done at a dermatologist’s office, Botox certainly gets a bad rap. And an unfair one too! When [...]

Tell- Tale Signs! What Happens If You Get Too Many Fillers Done.

We love how accessible fillers have become! Medical grade injectables that can lift, plump and make you look years younger, Dermal Fillers are a great tool to use if you are after wrinkle [...]

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