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Key benefits:

  • Allows depth of penetration while maintaining patient comfort and safety
  • Consistent patient outcomes
  • Demonstrated clinical evidence

This one’s here for the ladies who are not walking the bedroom talk with your partner as much as you both used to, because you’re just ‘not feeling it’.

And also the ones who literally ‘laughed so much, I peed a little’… a little too much.

What is V-vacious?

V-vacious is a non-invasive offering administered via the Viveve System, a patented, cryogen-cooled radiofrequency device that rebuilds natural collagen to improve the structural integrity of the vagina and provide more robust support to the urethra.

The system is designed to treat women who are suffering from sexual dysfunction, mild urinary leakage when laughing, coughing, sneezing, or jumping, and vaginal laxity (the stretching and expansion of vaginal tissue after childbirth, with age or due to hormonal changes).

Studies have shown sustained results to 12 months, and international regulatory approvals and clearances have also been received for vaginal laxity and/or improvement in sexual function indications in over 50 countries.

Is there any pain?

The treatment is virtually painless and most patients do not feel any discomfort after procedure.

How much does it cost?

1 session of V-vacious costs $2,500 per treatment; 3 sessions cost $6,000. Prices listed are before GST.

How do I find out more about this procedure?

You can find out more about this procedure by calling us at 65-68178888 or booking an appointment to see one of our doctors today.

*Results may vary according to individuals.

I’m interested in getting V-vacious

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