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The New Liquid Facelift


From scalpels to threads, we have heard of their efficacy in lifting droopiness and jowls on our faces, all in the hopes of slowing down the signs of aging. Everyone says age is just a number and I couldn’t agree more but is it wrong for me to want the way I look to reflect how I feel on the inside – YOUNG.

The New Liquid Facelift

Thanks to advances in the aesthetics and plastic surgery world, I can have a say in how I want to look as I’m older. The latest to intrigue me is Sculptra, whom many have referred to as the liquid facelift, taking years off one’s face for a younger appearance.

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What is Sculptra?

Think of Sculptra as a ‘fertiliser’ for your face, boosting collagen production over 4-6 weeks for younger, more supple skin.

Sculptra is made of Poly-L-lactic acid and is biocompatible ie it does not harm the body. It is also biodegradable compound, which means it is able to be broken down by the body. Over time, as it’s broken down in your body, you won’t find any traces of Sculptra but the great news is that the collagen that had been produced thanks to Sculptra, will continue to stay in your body for a long time, with results lasting up to 2-3 years. For all those concerned with animal testings or having animal byproducts in your system, be rest assured this is not an animal product and also does not require skin testing prior to use.

What is the treatment like?

Prior to treatment, a numbing cream is applied for 10-15 minutes.

During the treatment, cold compresses will be used to ensure maximal comfort and to minimize the possibility of bruising. Several injections of Sculptra are then carefully placed in selected areas on the face that the doctor will assess to benefit most from the collagen stimulation effects.

By ensuring that Sculptra is well distributed over the vital framework of your face, this treatments ensures your skin is maximally rejuvenated in time to come.

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Is there any downtime?

It’s possible to see pin-prick marks on your face and even bruising but this can be concealed with makeup post-treatment. Such side effects can be minimised with the use of Arnica and cold compresses, and the avoidance of certain medications and alcohol.

What you can expect post-treatment

Not to be mistaken with Botox and fillers, Sculptra takes a few months for results to show, and is great for patients looking for gradual age-reversing effect for thin and collagen-depleted skin. Many patients experience improvements to hollowness, wrinkles and line, taking years off their face.

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Before embarking on this treatment, do speak with your doctor to ensure you’re not allergic to any ingredient used in Sculptra.


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