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Say goodbye to painful sex after menopause

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Did you know 17-45% of postmenopausal women find sex painful, according to the North American Menopause Society? It’s so common there’s even a term for it, dyspareunia.

Say goodbye to painful sex after menopause

For many going through menopause, sex may not be as enjoyable as they used to be. With menopause, one can expect hormonal shifts resulting in lower levels of estrogen that will cause your vaginal tissues to be thin, dry and less pliant. This unfortunately leads to uncomfortable or painful intercourse and not in anyone’s best interests, lead to a loss of interest in sex.

While it’s true you can try to alleviate these symptoms with lubricants and even medications, these options may not be ideal for you based on your personal preference or health history.

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In this case, you might think your option are limited. Really limited. But thanks to laser treatments, there are now options for women to rejuvenate the area down under without any need for medication or hormonal therapy via the Intimate Renewal Program.

What is the Intimate Renewal Program?

The Intimate Renewal Program consists of two lasers, Fraxel Light and Thulium Whitening lasers, to rejuvenate and prettify our delicate area. These two lasers work in tandem to brighten the skin ad also stimulate collagen production, improving overall skin elasticity. This helps to rejuvenate the vaginal tissues and help the vaginal walls to become better lubricated and more flexible, helping one to address the conditions that cause painful sex.

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Additional benefits

With the Intimate Renewal Program at SW1 Clinic, you can opt to add on additional treatments to either give yourself a smooth makeover with the Laser Hair Removal Program or work on strengthening your pelvic core with the Magnetic Muscle Sculpting Program. With or without these add ons, you can be sure your lady parts are in good hands.

The Intimate Renewal Program is also suitable for women who experience painful intercourse due to childbirth.

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