4 Lasers that promise better skin

It seems the older we get, the more conscious and conscientious we get with our skincare. No doubt most if not all of us want to age the slowest possible way we can, hence all the effort but [...]

Derms favourite anti-aging ingredients and how they work

With the variety of anti-aging ingredients found in skincare these days, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one lost for choice. Having done a lot of research and speaking to various doctors, I’ve [...]

How To Get A V-Shaped Face Without Surgery

If there’s one beauty trend that hasn’t let up over the years, it’s the quest for a V-shaped face! What started off initially as a face shape coveted by Korean celebrities has evolved to [...]

I tried Profhilo and this is what happened

We have all heard about fillers and botox offering beauty tweakments to refresh and rejuvenate the face but have your heard of the latest injectable, Profhilo? Promising to help you look younger [...]

How Does A Non Surgical Facelift Benefit Me?

Intrigued by facelifts but scared to go under the knife? In case you haven’t heard, it is no longer necessary to undergo surgery to lift and sculpt your face! With the latest technology and [...]

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