Kegels: The best exercise for women of ALL ages

If you haven’t already heard the K-word, Kegels is a form of exercise to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Unlike biceps and abdominal muscles, we can’t see them but they are just as, if not [...]

Feeling Like A Newborn… After Your Newborn

With everything there’s good about motherhood and the relief of not looking like a bloated peach again, there are bound to be some post-pregnancy changes to the body that do not sit down too well [...]

Look deep within – there’s so much more to explore

When was the last time you look into the mirror and focus your attention on the appearance of your eyes rather than your huge pores or dark spots? If you look closely, you may have realize some [...]

5 things that are making your acne worse and how to fix them

For many of us, we’d struggled with zits at some point in our life and the hard truth is there isn’t a magic potion that erase those breakouts overnight. Sure, it will take time to heal. In the [...]

The Laser Lift

The skincare market is full of different ways to lift sagging skin on one’s face. From creams and serums to bizarre skincare hacks, we’ve seen it all. But do these treatments actually work? The [...]

How new age injections do more than just reduce lines

I don’t know about you but I’d told myself that when I was older, I would have a beauty fund set aside for myself to treat lines and wrinkles, to hold the years at bay and from showing on my [...]

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