The Science of Beauty: When to Lift and When to Fill

Like an exquisite artwork, knowing where to highlight with colour and where to shade is key to creating a masterpiece, according to aesthetic doctors who have been in the industry for decades. [...]

What Top Plastic Surgeons Recommend for ‘scar-less’ surgery

Scar today, gone tomorrow? we wish, don’t we? Scars are a fact of life. No matter how careful you are, some, like the scars left behind from surgery, are unavoidable. Even the most skilled [...]

The Next Breakthrough for Facial Rejuvenation – The ‘Bone Lift’

To understand how to restore an aging face, first you need to understand what constitutes facial aging in the first place. Doctors have been so focused on the skin surface changes, that not much [...]

Defiantly Beautiful – 5 Hollywood actresses who took beauty into their own hands

Five actresses who were told they weren’t “pretty enough” to make it in Hollywood show us that when there is a will, there is a way. Hollywood stars reveal how they fought back [...]

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